What’s ‘Watermelon Glucose’ About? Harry Models In The Meaning And Lyrics

What’s ‘Watermelon Glucose’ About? Harry Models In The Meaning And Lyrics

Harry types’ tune ‘Watermelon Sugar’ constantly keeps supporters suspecting exactly who the verse are in fact pertaining to, from ex-girlfriends to secret buffs, if in case the cheeky headings has actually a more impressive definition.

Harry Trends first debuted his or her song ‘Watermelon Sugar’ to the end of 2019, weeks before losing their next record ‘Fine Line’, which was full of bops such as for instance ‘dropping’, ‘lighting fixtures Up’, ‘Adore an individual’ as well summery, feel-good monitor ‘Golden’.

The moment reach has stayed around up into 2021, so when the highly-anticipated beach-themed sounds clip came everyone was asking yourself yet again which influenced the cheeky song.

Harry people are common also adept at putting on the investigator cap to discover hints and hints about who impressed the previous One route artist’s beat, there are’s a good amount of speculation available https://datingreviewer.net/escort/fullerton/!

Exactly what are the lyrics to ‘Watermelon sugars’ about, and it’s they about a specific somebody? Here’s what Harry offers divulged and just what fanatics think about the definition.

Harry Designs on Saturday Night Reside. Photo: Getty

That Harry types’ ‘Watermelon sugary foods’ about?

Whilst performing his Tiny table performance for NPR in 2020, Harry revealed exactly how ‘Watermelon glucose’ came into being, plus the this means behind it.

They said: “Ita€™s style of with that preliminary i assume euphoria of once you begin viewing anyone or sleeping with anybody or perhaps like becoming around some body along with that type of enthusiasm about them.”

The 27-year-old also reported the title for the tune was chosen when he experience a manuscript using the same concept inside the room he had been record in. Læs videre “What’s ‘Watermelon Glucose’ About? Harry Models In The Meaning And Lyrics”