Being Bisexual in University: Two Collegiettes’ Experiences

Being Bisexual in University: Two Collegiettes’ Experiences

Though many collegiettes identify as bisexual, numerous others don’t understand much about any of it intimate orientation at all. We chatted to two collegiettes about their experiences with bisexuality in university. They straight answer a few of the fables and misunderstandings bisexuality that is surrounding. Just what does being bisexual mean exactly? Does everybody who’s bisexual elect to observe that means? How exactly does it influence your dating life in university? How can others respond to it? What truly is it like become bi in university?

What exactly is Bisexuality?

Based on the Bisexual site Center (BRC), the meaning of bisexuality differs based on who you ask. The BRC describes bisexuality many generally in this manner: “Someone that has had experience that is sexual as well as simply destinations to folks of several intercourse can be defined as bisexual, but might not see that means. Likewise, it’s possible to recognize as bisexual no matter intimate experience.” Therefore, this is of bisexuality is loose, nonetheless it generally involves being drawn to both women and men.

Her Campus chatted to two collegiettes about being bisexual in college to their experiences. One collegiette, Alyx, really identifies as pansexual and for that reason does not see sex as one factor in her own attraction to other people (just like bisexuality). One other collegiette, Hannah*, identifies as bisexual. Check out of these ideas on being bi in college:

The Dating Scene

What’s dating or finding partners that are potential? Læs videre “Being Bisexual in University: Two Collegiettes’ Experiences”